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Kithcen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are built in furniture that are integrated with appliances within the kitchen. In order to perfect your kitchen remodel, Jefferson Builders remodeling experts take accurate measurements. We understand that style, color, and size are all important variables but without accurate measurements and planning there ireelevant. 

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Wooden Floor


Flooring can be an overlooked quality about a kitchen. But with the guidance and experience, Jefferson Builders provides the coaching to bring your kitchen together while still serving its functionality. For more flooring ideas please click the link below. 

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Floor Adhesive for Tiling
Kitchen with Marble Island

Counter Tops

After the cabinets are installed we have a professional counter top company laser and measure the counter tops. But don't worry you're not without a kitchen. Jefferson Builders uses plywood and cuts out temporary counter tops in the mean time. All you have to think about now is what style you want. Click the link below for more ideas. 

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